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Avoid Spreading Head Lice During the Holidays

According to Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, head lice spread more frequently during the fall and winter months as families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and around the country spend more time together during the holidays; children playing, sharing screens and of course lots of hugging. The holidays bring enough overwhelm without worrying about bringing head […]

What Do Parents Need to Know About Super Lice?

Research dating back to 2016 identified that lice have become resistant to the active ingredients in the traditional lice treatment products on the store shelves. These products that were effective decades ago are no longer successful at killing these new lice. These mutations in Lice gave origin to the term “super lice” that simply refer […]

Trick or treating with Super Lice???

They feed on human blood and might go after your children this Halloween. This isn’t a tale – it’s super lice! Halloween is scary enough without the threat of head lice. Around Halloween, professional lice clinics see a spike in cases, said Magdalena Muldoon, the owner of Lice Clinics DFW.  During Halloween, risk is high, as […]