Formerly Lice Clinics of America, thousands of happy parents have been treated by us since 2014. See what some of them have to say about us.


After my hairdresser told me my child had a lice egg and she couldn’t cut her hair, we frantically searched for a place that could take care of the issue. They got us in quick. The employees and owners were amazing! The treatment was a lot less expensive than another popular place in the area. I can’t say enough great things about this business. If you ever have an issue with lice, I would only go here.

Cindy T

Nice facilities. Friendly and helpful staff. Made my girls feel comfortable the whole time. Having dealt with lice before with DIY kits from the drug store, I’m glad there are professionals that provide this service.

Webb Y

I took my daughter to several different treatment centers thinking it solved the problem. It was not until we discovered this place did it take care of it for us! They took the time to educate us and taught us how to prevent it in the future. Highly recommend it.

Jolie C

I cannot say enough wonderful and gracious things about these guys! Not only did they let me come in after hours, they were so informative, understanding and professional! I would and will recommend this company to anyone in need of treatment. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Shawna S

They were able to see us last minute on a Sunday after hours!!! They helped me calm down as my girls have NEVER had lice before and they are 21 and 14. I thought it only happened in unclean environments. Was I wrong! They are super friendly… knowledgeable…. and thorough in what they do and it takes the stress off of you as a parent.

Triple G Roofing

What a relief! After days of applying over-the-counter treatments to our family of 5 and still finding live lice, I was beside myself! Turns out the “super lice” were immune to the over-the-counter treatment. Additionally, we spent hours trying to comb out the nits/lice which was painful, frustrating and ineffective. Everyday I had to wash everything and we were going crazy. Thank goodness for Lice Clinics DFW! Magdalena was wonderful and took the time to educate me on the process and why this service is the WAY TO GO. We were able to get the whole family in a few hours later and the staff (Miranda and Nicki) was awesome. Incredibly patient, calming and knowledgeable. They had toys, games and Netflix to keep the kids occupied. I learned so much about treatment and prevention that was simple and easy to understand. There is so much information online and I was grateful to have straightforward and practical advice for our busy family. We were out of there in under 2 hours and I was shocked to see how many lice/nits were in our hair after 3 treatments and at-home comb outs. Treatment here is light-years ahead of anything I could have done at home. I felt like a weight was lifted off our shoulders walking out – knowing that we were finally lice free! I pray we never have to go through this again, but if we do, I will head straight to Lice Clinics DFW! Never again will I put myself through the misery of at-home treatment. This was simple, effective and convenient. I really appreciated how much burden it took off of us. Thank you!!

Natalie I

We had been to this location 2 year ago and they were very sweet and very informative. They educated us on what we needed to do and what not to do. The technician is so sweet and very calming to my daughter. My daughter’s felt unclean but she continually told them how beautiful they were and how beautiful their long hair was. It is amazing how we were making the cleaning process for the removal of lice at our home complicated when yet it is so simple. In the future if we should have to come back like we did today we highly recommend this clinic. It is a small intimate office and the technicians are as sweet as can be. You will definitely receive the best customer service.

April R

I had never dealt with lice before, and my 6 year old came home from school with them & I tried (and failed miserably) to use the at-home treatment, and then my sister told me about Lice Clinics DFW & she said they got rid of the live bugs AND the eggs, and it only took about an hour. Ashley was WONDERFUL in helping me with any questions & concerns I had, and explained everything that needed to be done treatment-wise very well, she was great with my daughter and I recommended this service to my daughter’s school the next day, and she gave me her personal
cell # if I had any questions after treatment, which I did end up having, she was so kind and patient with me & my family, it was SO worth it taking my daughter there & would recommend this place to ANYONE dealing with these creepy crawly critters!


Shelly S

My first time experience with this company. I was freaking out when I saw 2 lice crawling in my daughter’s head. But guess what, I was given an appointment within 30 mins and my girl was lice-free in an hour. I could not believe how simple and easy the process was.
Please this is the place for you if you want a foolproof treatment. Also, I had my head checked and my son’s head checked, which was a relief.

Tayyaba N

My 7 year old is in competitive cheer and lice goes around rampant at the gym. Lice Clinics DFW worked us at the last minute. Miranda was phenomenal with head checks and then with my daughter’s treatment-even with her sensitive head. Not that I look forward to seeing them again, but if/when we have to go again I know who I can call and count on!!! Thank you so much!!!

Trish H

We were able to get an appointment the next day, the entire family was treated. I was concerned as I have colored hair, but everything went great, my hair is intact! And, best of all, we’re now bug free. What a relief! Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and how great you were with the entire family! Great experience.

Christina A

Three head checks and only one of us needed treatment. I didn’t feel at any point that she was trying to oversell us. After multiple prescriptions (one of which made my child vomit), over the counter treatments, combing out, washing bedding daily…. literally we battled these for almost 2 months!!!! One trip to this place and they ARE GONE!!!! The price was reasonable considering one bottle of the prescription shampoo is $400!!! Go here first! You will not regret it. Amazing service and I would give more stars if I could!

Sarah D

My daughter called at 4:00 pm and said she found lice on her head. We have never experienced this in our house so for us it was an emergency. I called the North Richland Hills office and spoke with the nicest lady. She educated me on lice, made a call and informed me the tech had left for the day but was willing to return and take care of us at 5:15. We arrived and she was so kind. We were educated through the entire process. My daughter and I were horrified but the staff made us so comfortable and were so kind. I HIGHLY recommend this salon and can’t give enough praise for the entire staff. 5 stars!!

Juli T

Definitely recommend you come to them if you find out you have lice. The store bought products do not work and will only waste your money. The staff here were very nice and informative.

Meredith A

We came for treatment on Saturday 8/17/19. I believe CA was the technician. My daughter was leaving as a freshman in college that very day. She needed confidence and assurance the lice were gone as she left home for the first time. I had called in a panic the day before. We had treated and combed vigorously at home for a week before realizing we needed further help. Your center responded immediately with calmness, insight, and compassion. We got the first available appointment the next day. We were even called the morning of and told we could come a little early. The setting was calm, organized and clean. The technician was kind, respectful, and related so well to my daughter. I will recommend your treatment to everyone. That will possibly be a lot of people because I teach preschool. We cannot thank you enough for settling our problem once and for all….
just in the nick of time.

ELC Ones

I’m so glad they have a professional place for removing lice! Thank y’all so much for being so informative about everything that we need to do to get rid of the problems that we have been dealing with for years! I can’t tell you how much y’all saved me from the house and myself from being infested with these horrible bugs!

Stephanie C

I took my whole family to this clinic and it was a great experience. It was painless and very informative. Ashley was so nice and knowledgeable. I don’t want to be a return customer but if I have a problem in the future I will definitely go back and request Ashley!!! Thank you!

Lily Grace F

I am a school teacher and contracted lice from one of my students. I felt horrible and wanted it gone ASAP!!! I was happy that the clinic was open on a Sunday and the staff was very friendly and helpful! It made me feel more at ease. I love the products and use the spray on a daily basis now!

Vy N

Love this place! The ladies are fantastic and so nice- gave me such peace of mind. So much better than over the counter remedies- totally worth it. Thank you so much.

Melissa H