Lice Clinics DFW is the exclusive provider of cool air technology for treating head lice fast in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We get rid of lice in a single treatment under 60 minutes so you can get back to your life!

Serving DFW families since 2014


Our Most Popular Treatment:

Go Home Lice Free Today!

Lice Clinic DFW uses a safe, revolutionary cooled air device that kills lice and nits (lice eggs) in a single treatment in under one hour.

Go home lice free! No need for additional appointments or combing  at home.

No hidden fees.

This exclusive cooled air technology was developed and researched by top head lice experts for use on both children and adults. Learn more here.

Not Sure if You or Your Child Have Head Lice?

Professional Head Lice Screening

Head lice and nits are extremely difficult to see with the untrained eye –  Lice Clinics DFW technicians are experts at seeing if it’s lice with our lice screening system.  If head lice is identified, we will consult with you to discuss treatment options so you and your family will go home lice free today!

School and camp head screenings are also available at a discount. Call for details.

Traditional Lice Comb-Out Treatment

In some cases a traditional comb-out may be the best option for very young  children or in some people with contraindications. In those cases we offer the option of doing the traditional comb-out process to remove lice and nits using only non-toxic products.

Typical treatment time is 1.5 – 2 hours.