What Do Parents Need to Know About Super Lice?

Research dating back to 2016 identified that lice have become resistant to the active ingredients in the traditional lice treatment products on the store shelves.

These products that were effective decades ago are no longer successful at killing these new lice. These mutations in Lice gave origin to the term “super lice” that simply refer to their immunity against traditional head lice treatments. If your child has lice these days, it’s almost certain that it’s “super lice”.

So what does a parent need to know about these Super bugs?

  • Traditional over-the-counter treatments and prescription shampoos don’t kill the eggs (nits) or live bugs anymore
  • Re-infestations are quite common if you don’t remove 100% of the eggs and lice (even the best nit- picker will likely miss a few!). Lice will continue to spread to friends and family members if not addressed quickly.
  • Hire a professional that is trained in finding lice and their very small nits (eggs).
  • Technology has advanced in the lice treatment. Lice Clinics DFW offers the best and fastest solution to treating head lice. We use the most advanced technology so you and your family can get back to life.

Magdalena Romero, who owns and operates three Lice Clinics DFW centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, reports that Super Lice are more prevalent than ever. “Ten years ago, OTC products might have been effective in half of lice cases; these days, it’s way less. That’s one reason we’ve adopted the Zyma technology that gets rid of lice and eggs using cooled air”.

Parents can learn more about lice and super lice on the Lice Clinics DFW Frequently Asked Questions page.


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