Re-Treatment Policy

Head Lice Service Re-Treatment Policy

We are so confident about our treatment that we stand behind it!



In extremely rare instances, a second treatment may be necessary. Our service re-treatment policy is only provided on our Zyma Air Therapy Treatment. With thousands of successful treatments done, this is the treatment option that ensures you will leave lice-free with no follow-up required.

Family Screenings

All family/household members (including secondary household members) need to be screened and treated, if necessary, for the head lice service re-treatment policy to be valid.

30-Day Re-Treatment Policy

Our treatment process has been proven effective to send you home lice free, so we stand behind our work.  Our Zyma Air Therapy™ treatment offers a 30 day free re-treatment policy, in the very unlikely event of a treatment failure we will re-treat you. (Based on the lice life cycle we are able to determine if the treatment has failed).

Questions about our Re-Treatment Policy? Ask us!